Greater Dallas Veterans Day Parade
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“The soldier, above all others, prays for peace, for it is the soldier
who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.”

….General of the Armies Douglas MacArthur


The PARADE APPLICATION should be completed online here. Please contact 1st Lt. David Iverson (USA FMR) at 309-287-2936 or at with any questions about the online parade application.


    1. Parade Applications will NOT be accepted after 15 October each year.
    2. All organizations in the parade are asked to carry a banner to clearly identify their organization. The name should agree with the parade application.
    3. No alcohol is to be brought into or consumed in the staging or parade areas.
    4. No items are to be passed from parade participants to the spectators (City Ordinance). This includes but is not limited to food, drinks, candy, beads, clothing, etc.
    5. Units should maintain a close interval with the unit in front of them, and prevent gaps from developing between units.
    6. Once organizations are moving in the parade they are not allowed stop on the parade route unless so directed by a parade official, police officer, or when there is something physically impeding forward movement.
    7. Bands will not stop anywhere on the parade route for maneuvers or demonstrations except as outlined in rule 5 above. Such maneuvers or demonstrations are allowed if the Band continues forward progress, and maintains a close interval with the unit in front of them.
    8. Horse Units must provide fecal cleanup for their animals following directly behind throughout the parade.
    9. All horses participating in the parade require Coggins Certification. Proof of certification must be available when in the Staging and Parade Areas.
    10. All organizations are to check in at the “Parade Check-in Tent” in the Staging Area to insure proper sequencing, and organization positioning prior to the start of the parade.


The STATIC DISPLAY APPLICATION should be completed online here. Please contact Mr. Billy Schooling at 214-708-8800 or at any questions about the online display application.


To ensure the organizational message is clear to the veterans, their families and the general public, the static displays must reflect our purpose of recognizing armed forces veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice to our nation. Therefore, the accepted static displays must have a theme specifically targeted to armed forces veterans, their families, and/or their service to our nation.

Booths that likely fit this criterion include:

    1. Government agencies delivering programs to armed forces veterans and/or their immediate family
    2. 501(c)(3) charities delivering programs, services, and/or recognition to armed forces veterans, their families
    3. Nonprofit organizations delivering programs, services and/or recognition to armed forces veterans, their families
    4. For profit corporations delivering a specific veteran program with a booth specific to this program

For those organizations not fitting the above criteria, your organization can be a “General Sponsor” of the Greater Dallas Veterans Day Parade, requiring a $5,000 donation. In exchange for the donation, you will receive one static display spot, plus a 2-color full page ad in the parade program.



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